Finding values of a normally distributed random variable

In algebra, one of the most important concepts is Finding values of a normally distributed random variable.

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Normal Distribution Calculator

It is possible to transform every normal random variable X into a z score using the following formula: z = (X – μ) / σ. where X is a normal random variable, μ is the mean of X, and σ is the standard deviation of X. You can also find the normal
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6.3: Finding Probabilities for the Normal Distribution

A standard normal random variable is a normally distributed random variable with mean μ = 0 and standard deviation σ = 1. It will always be denoted by the letter Z. The density function for

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Standard Normal Distribution

Using a table of values for the standard normal distribution, we find that . P (–1 . Thus, there is a 0.6826 probability that the random variable will take on a value within one standard deviation of the mean

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5.2: The Standard Normal Distribution

Values: If you selected the normal distribution calculator, you must enter the values you want to calculate the probability. You can see a classic problem of this type in Example 1. Probability:

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