Compound Inequalities

When solving compound inequalities, we are going to deal with two general cases or types. The first case involves solving two linear inequalities joined by the word “and”. The word “and” is
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How To Solve Compound Inequalities

The solution set is. When a compound inequality is written without the expressed word “and” or “or,” it is understood to automatically be the word “and.” Reading { x |–3 < x < 4} from the “ x ”

How To Solve Compound Inequalities

The solution to a compound inequality containing the word or is the union of the solution sets. This means that the solution sets will not overlap or intersect. We will be uniting the solution

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Compound inequalities review (article)

Method 1: The given compound inequality is -2 Adding 3 on all the sides, -2 + 3 <

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