How to Find the Instantaneous Rate of Change of

Comparing this to calculus, the instantaneous rate of a reaction at a given time corresponds to the slope of a line tangent to the concentration-versus-time curve at that

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Average and Instantaneous Rate of Change

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Instantaneous Rate of Change

You can calculate instantaneous rate of change at a point as follows: Input: • First of all, just Enter the function or equation in the respective input filed. • Now enter the value of\( x\). you
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Instantaneous Rate of Change — Lecture 8. The Derivative.

How do you find instantaneous and average rate? Average Rate of Change = Slope (m) = △y/△x = = Equation of slope: Slope = For Example: Equation of slope: Instantaneous

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Instantaneous Rate of Change Formula

The slope of the tangent line at a point represents the instantaneous rate of change, or derivative, at that point. Formula: Instantaneous Rate of Change = How to find the

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