A bh 2 solve for h

There is A bh 2 solve for h that can make the process much easier.

How do you solve A=h/2(a+b) for h?

Algebra. Solve for h a= (bh)/2. a = bh 2 a = b h 2. Rewrite the equation as bh 2 = a b h 2 = a. bh 2 = a b h 2 = a. Multiply both sides of the equation by 2 2. 2bh 2 = 2a 2 b h 2 = 2 a. Simplify the left

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Solve for h a=(bh)/2

A= bh/2. Multiply each side by 2. 2A = bh/2 *2. 2A = bh. Divide by b. 2A/b = bh/b. 2A/b =h. Advertisement.

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Rearrange the formula A= bh/2 for h

Algebra. Solve for h a=bh. a = bh a = b h. Rewrite the equation as bh = a b h = a. bh = a b h = a. Divide each term in bh = a b h = a by b b and simplify. Tap for more steps h = a b h = a b.
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Solve bh=2A-ah

Divide A-\frac{h}{2} by \frac{1}{2} by multiplying A-\frac{h}{2} by the reciprocal of \frac{1}{2}. A=\frac{1}{2}b+\frac{1}{2}h Divide each term of b+h by 2 to get \frac{1}{2}b+\frac{1}{2}h.

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A = (1/2)bh for h, solve for the specified value

See a solution process below: Explanation: Step 1) Solve the first equation for a : a+ 3b = 7 a+3b −(3b) = 7−(3b) -2a=10 One solution was found : a = -5 Rearrange: Rearrange the equation by

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A=bh/2 Solve For B

SOLUTION: What is A=bh/2 solving for b? a.) b=2A/h b.) b=Ah/2 c.) b=A/2h. Test Calculators and Practice.
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