How to find interval in statistics

1. The confidence level, via the critical value; The critical value will essentially be determined from one of two probability distributions: the standard normal distribution, or z − score; the t

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Frequency Distribution and Class Interval

The interval is calculated using the following steps: Gather the sample data. Calculate the sample mean x̅. Determine whether a population’s standard deviation is known

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How to Find Class Intervals (With Examples)

We are computing intervals for p = 5 means. The error rate for each interval will be .05/5 = 1%. We might use the Excel command = TINV (.01,24) to find that the multiplier = 2.797. In SAS, we use

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Confidence Interval: How to Find it: The Easy Way!

The class interval is the difference between the upper class limit and the lower class limit. For example, the size of the class interval for the first class is 30 – 21 = 9. Similarly, the size of the class interval for the second class
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How do you calculate class interval?


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