How do you find the vertical asymptote of a function

Problem One: Find the vertical asymptote of the following function: In this case, we set the denominator equal to zero. x2 + 2 x – 8 = 0 ( x + 4) ( x – 2) = 0 x = –4 or x = 2 Since we cannot divide by zero, it means that there are two asymptotes;

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How to Graph a Rational Function in the TI 84

The vertical asymptote of a function y = f (x) is a vertical line x = k when y→∞ or y→ -∞. It is usually referred to as VA. Mathematically, if x = k is the VA of a function y = f (x) then atleast

2.6: Limits Involving Infinity; Asymptotes of Graphs

Vertical asymptotes can be found by solving the equation n (x) = 0 where n (x) is the denominator of the function ( note: this only applies if the numerator t (x) is not zero for the

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Finding infinite limits at vertical asymptotes


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How To Find A Vertical Asymptote. Finding a vertical asymptote of a rational function is relatively simple. All you have to do is find an x value that sets the denominator of the rational function equal to 0. Here is a simple

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Vertical Asymptotes Using Limits

The equations of the vertical asymptotes are x = a and x = b In each case, find the equation of vertical asymptote : Example 1 : f (x) = 1/ (x + 6) Solution : Step 1 : In the given rational function, the denominator is x + 6 Step 2 : Equate the
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Vertical Asymptote

Given a rational function, we can identify the vertical asymptotes by following these steps: Step 1: Factor the numerator and denominator. Step 2: Observe any restrictions on the domain of the function. Step 3: Simplify the expression by

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