How to find area of triangle with coordinates

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Area of a Triangle in Coordinate Geometry

Find the triangle area given by line -7x+7y+63=0 and coordinate axes x and y. XY triangle Determine the area of a triangle given by line 7x+8y-69=0 and coordinate axes x and y. The
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Finding the Area of a Triangle Using Its Coordinates

Starting with the point (2, 1) and moving counterclockwise, A = (2 (9) + 8 (8) + 1 (1) – 2 (8) – 8 (1) – 1 (9))/2 = (18 + 64+ 1 – 16 – 8 – 9 )/2= (83 – 33)/2 = 25. The area of the

Area of a triangle

The formula of area of triangle formula in coordinate geometry the area of triangle in coordinate geometry is: A = (1/2) |x\(_1\)(y\(_2\) − y\(_3\)) + x\(_2\)(y\(_3\) − y\(_1\)) + x\(_3\)(y\(_1\) − y\(_2\))|, where

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Area Of A Triangle In Coordinate Geometry

!Therefore, the area of the triangle is calculated using the equation, A = s ( s − a) ( s − b) ( s − c) Where a, b, c are the side lengths of the triangle