How do you get the area of a rectangle

Step 1: Write down the dimensions of the given rectangle from the questions. Step 2: Put the values in the area of the rectangle formula, i.e., length x width. Step 3: Multiply

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How to Find the Area of Rectangle?

You are able to find the perimeter of the rectangle by adding length and width and multiplying by two because the opposite sides of a rectangle are equal in length. Both lengths

What is Area of Rectangle Formula? Definition, Examples, Facts

Finding the Area of a Rectangle 1. Ensure you are working with a true rectangle. The picture above shows a rectangle where the top and bottom

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How to Calculate Area of a Rectangle

Check out this colorful and fun video and learn how to find the area of a Rectangle! You need to know the length and the width of a rectangle to find the ar

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Area of a Rectangle

Follow the steps below to find the area: Step 1: Note the dimensions of length and width from the given data Step 2: Multiply length
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