Half circle equation

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Half-Circle Function

Half-Circle Function. Function defined by a relation in the form f ( x) = r 2 – x 2 or f ( x) = − r 2 – x 2 where r is the radius of a circle centered on the origin point.

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Semicircles, Interiors, and Exteriors of Circles

The circumference of a circle is C = πd or C = 2πr. Further, using the value of C, we can frame the formula for the perimeter of a semicircle which is equal to the sum of half of the circumference

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What is the equation for a semicircle?

Knowing the semicircle definition – half of a circle – we can easily write the semicircle area formula using the well-known circle area, \pi\cdot r^2 π ⋅r2: A_ {\mathrm {semicircle}} = \frac {A_ {\mathrm {circle}} {2} = \frac

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Writing Equations of Semicircles

The perimeter of a semicircle formula is defined as the sum of half of the circumference of the circle and the diameter of a circle. It is expressed as, The circumference of a circle is C = πd or C = 2πR. The perimeter of a semicircle
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Semicircle: Definition, Perimeter & Area Formulas

For half circle, the range for θ is restricted to π. So, the answer is. r = a and α < θ < α +π, where a and α are constants for the chosen half circle. Answer link. George C. Apr 8, 2016. In rectangular coordinates, the equation of the upper half of a circle can be written: y = √r2 −(x −h)2 + k.

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