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Finding Horizontal Asymptotes of Rational Functions

Below are the points to remember to find the horizontal asymptotes: If the degree of the polynomials both in numerator and denominator is equal, then divide the coefficients of

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2-07 Asymptotes of Rational Functions

To Find Horizontal Asymptotes: 1) Put equation or function in y= form. 2) Multiply out (expand) any factored polynomials in the numerator or denominator. 3) Remove everything except the

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Horizontal Asymptote Rules

To find the horizontal asymptote of a rational function, find the degrees of the numerator (n) and degree of the denominator (d). If n d, then there is no HA. If n = d

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Find a Functions Horizontal Asymptotes

When the numerator and denominator have the same degree: Divide the coefficients of the leading variables to find the horizontal asymptote. If the degree of the
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Also, there is a horizontal asymptote when the numerator and denominator degrees have the same degree. The equation for a horizontal asymptote is simply y=h, where h is the number being

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