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“A calculator to help people understand their risk factors for COVID-19 infection and vaccination has been launched by the Immunisation Coalition in collaboration with

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This Calculator Estimates Your Risk of Getting Covid-19

The microCOVID Project is one of many Covid-19 risk assessment tools aimed at helping the public make evidence-based decisions about their health. Mathematica’s 19 and

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microCOVID Project

1: A 45 year old man living in the South East of England, who is from a White British background and had a heart attack a year ago (in other words, he has coronary heart disease)

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19 and Me: COVID-19 Risk Score Calculator

COVID-19 Survival Calculator. The COVID-19 Survival Calculator predicts how likely you are to get COVID-19 and, if you do get it, how likely you are to die from it. Enter your

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