How to find the x intercept from an equation

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Formula to Find x Intercept

To find the x-intercept of a line of the form y = mx+b, substitute y = 0. Example: To calculate the x-intercept of any line for example the line y = 2x−4, put y = 0 in the equation of a line. Solution: 0 = 2x−4 4 = 2x 2 = x. So, the x-intercept of the

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Finding the x-intercepts of a function

Finding x -intercepts of a Polynomial Function. Step 1: Use the Rational Roots Theorem to write a list of the possible rational roots. Step 2: If you can use a graphing calculator, graph the

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3 Ways to Find the X Intercept

Example 1: Find the x-intercept of the function y = x 2 - 7x + 10. Solution: To find: The x-intercept of the function y = x 2 - 7x + 10. Using the formula to find x-intercept, to find the x-intercept, we
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Finding the x and y Intercepts

Example: Find the intercepts of x 2 − 5x + y 2 + 3y = 0. x intercept: set y=0. x 2 − 5x + 0+ 0 = 0. x(x−5) = 0. x = 0 and 5. The points are (0,0) and (5,0) y intercept: set x=0. 0 − 0 + y 2 + 3y = 0. y(y+3) = 0. y = 0 or −3. The points are (0,0) and (0,−3)

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