Multivariable calculus critical points calculator

Multivariable calculus critical points calculator can be a helpful tool for these students.


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Find Extreme and Saddle Points

Solution: Derivative Steps of: ∂/∂x (4x^2 + 8xy + 2y) Multivariable critical point calculator differentiates 4x^2 + 8xy + 2y term by term: The critical points calculator applies the power rule: x^2 goes to 2x. So, the derivative is: 8x. Again, the critical number calculator applies the power rule: x goes to 1. The derivative of 8xy is: 8y.
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Critical Points, Extrema, and Saddle Points Calculator

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Functions Critical Points Calculator

Examples with Detailed Solutions Example 1 Find the critical point(s) of function f defined by f(x , y) = x 2 + y 2. Solution to Example 1: We first find the first order partial derivatives. f x (x,y) = 2x f y (x,y) = 2y We now solve the following
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Critical Point Calculator

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