A three-letter word used to show division in a word problem

The quotient is the solution to a division problem. Forexample: in the problem147/7 = 21 147 is the dividend (or numerator,) 7 is the divisor(or denominator,) and 21

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What is a three-letter word used to show division in a word problem? per What word is used for the answer to a division problem? The answer to a division problem is called

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A three-letter word used to show division in a word problem

Kalahira The words or phrases that may be used in order to show the operation division in a word problem include but are not limited to the following words or phrases: (1)


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How to Solve Division Word Problems

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Clue Words in Word Problems

Answer: Here are some words or phrases used to show division in a word problem. Divided by. Quotient. Go into. Ratio. Out of. Let's see some examples.