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How to write a polynomial in standard form

The standard form of a polynomial is expressed by writing the highest degree of terms first then the next degree and so on. The standard form of polynomial is given by, f (x) = a n x n + a n-1 x n-1 + a n-2 x n-2 + + a 1 x + a 0, where x is the variable and a i are coefficients.

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Write in Standard Form (2x+1)(x-3)(x-2)

The standard form of the polynomial equation is obtained by ordering elements in the descending order of degrees. Its general form is . Let’s see some examples of these
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Polynomial Standard Form Calculator

Express your answer as a polynomial in standard form. f (x) = −4x+ 8, g(x) = x2 − 2x+ 1 . Find: (f ∘ g)(x) Answer -4 x2 +8x +4 Solution View full explanation with CameraMath Premium o og2(256
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