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Not only does it have more options and subjects that Photomath just does not include (or just makes you pay for it, I don't know) it also has a camera option now, so you can take a picture and solve way quicker that way. So useful. Currently in Algebra 1 (8th grade) and barely keeping a B. This app is the dream math teacher, no matter who you are I 100% reccomend this.

Aaron Matney

One of the best app's out there that will help you with any math's problems (algebra) and i found it a 5/5, thank u, it's keeping my grades up, this app really helps with home work if I cant figure out what to do, and I love how it shows the steps to solving problems.

Michale Goodrich

Solution is here. The camera does readjust and become blurry when a picture is taken though. I tried from faar and close up but it would blur, and im sure i stayed some mins waiting for it to clear but it didnt, but the ads can be a pain and that fact that its not all free is hard iam in school and have no money.

William Dean
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Boolean Algebra Questions and Answers

Define Boolean expression. Answer: The result of a Boolean expression is always a Boolean
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Boolean algebra This worksheet and all related files

Questions and Answers ( 747 ) What is the simplified expression of the following Boolean function: Z = ab'c'd' + abc'd' + a'b'cd' + ab'cd' + a'bcd' + abcd' + ab'c'd + abc'd + a'b'cd + ab'cd +
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Boolean algebra and Logic Simplification

Boolean Algebra Example 1 Questions and Answers. In this worked example with questions and answers, we start out with a digital logic circuit, and you have to make a Boolean expression

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