How to find nth term of a sequence

a n+1 = Represents (n+1) th term of the sequence For finding a term in a sequence there are two ways to determine, Recursive way/formula for determining a term (say rth term)

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Nth Term Of A Sequence

Finding the nth term of a linear sequence Sometimes, rather than finding the next number in a linear sequence, you want to work out the \ ( {41}^ {st}\) number, or the \ ( {110}^ {th}\)

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College Algebra, Section 8.3, #8 Sequences and Discrete Functions

Substitute for r in the first equation and solve for a 1 . 24 = a 1 ( 1 2) 48 = a 1 Now use the formula to find a 7 . a 7 = 48 ( 1 2) 7 − 1 = 48 ⋅ 1 64 = 3 4 See also: sigma notation of a series and n th

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Series (Mathematics)

The nth term of an arithmetic sequence is given by : an=a1+(n−1)d an = a1 + (n−1)d To find the nth term, first calculate the common difference, d. Next multiply each term number of the

Finite Sequence: Definition & Examples

The nth term of an arithmetic sequence is found using the value of the common difference, the position of the term, and the value of the first term. We subtract 1 from the term position and

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Arithmetic Sequence

nth term of the sequence is given by: a n = ar (n- 1) Let's find the 6 th term in the geometric sequence 3, 12, 48, Here, a 1 = 3, r = 12/3 = 4 a 6 = 3 × 46-1 = 3072 Do you know how to