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Step function domain and range

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Show how to find the domain and range for a step function.

FAQs on Finding the Domain and Range of a Function Step 1: Rewrite the equation representing the function in the form \ (y=f (x)\). Step 2: Solve the equation to determine the values of the

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Graph each function. State the domain and range. 1. f (x

Range of a function is defined as the set of output values generated for the domain (input values) of the function. In the case of a step function, for each value of x, f(x) takes the value of the greatest integer, less than or equal to x. For example: [-2.19] = -3 [3.67] = 3 [-0.83] = -1. The domain of this function is a group of real numbers that are divided into intervals such as [-5, 3), [-4, 2), [-3, 1), [-2, 0) and so on. This explains the domain and range relations of a step function.
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