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Prism definition geometry

Definition of prism. 1 : a polyhedron with two polygonal faces lying in parallel planes and with the other faces parallelograms. 2 a : a transparent body that is bounded in part by two nonparallel

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Prism (geometry)

Prism. A general prism is a polyhedron possessing two congruent polygonal faces and with all remaining faces parallelograms (Kern and Bland 1948, p. 28; left figure).

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Prisms: Definition, Area & Volume

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Prism Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

Definition of a Prism A prism is an important member of the polyhedron family that has congruent polygons at the base and top. The other faces of a prism are called lateral faces. It means that a prism does not have a curved face. A


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Prism definition

Definition of Prism more A solid object with two identical ends and flat sides. The shape of the ends give the prism a name, such as the Triangular Prism shown here. There are also Square
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