How to find the area of a rhomboid

If you're ready to learn How to find the area of a rhomboid, keep reading!

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How do you find the area of a rhomboid?

Measure the width of the bottom line of the rhombus, then take a perpendicular measurement from the base to the opposite line at the top.

Rhomboid calculation

Let O be the point of intersection of two diagonals AC and BD. The area of the rhombus will be: A = 4 × area of ∆ AOB. = 4 × (½) × AO × OB sq. units. = 4 × (½)

Calculate Area Rhomboid

Since 6 cm x 8 cm = 48 cm 2, just divide the result by 2. 48 cm 2 /2 = 24 cm 2. The area of the rhombus is 24 cm 2 . Find the base and the height. You can also think of this as

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